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Disk Repository

Disk Repository Best Practices

Use high throughput low latency storage. DAS or SAN are preferred storage volumes for repository. Use default controller and stripe size settings.

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 (VB365) stores backup data in a Microsoft Jet database .adb file in the repository. As this means random I/O on the used storage a high IOPS and bandwidth storage is preferred. DAS or FC-SAN block storage is preferred over ISCSI. SMB based storage should be avoided (only experimental support).

Repository File System should be NTFS.

Both NTFS and ReFS file systems are supported. When using ReFS, the data integrity features should be disabled in particular for volumes where data folders are located or at least exclude VB365 repository files. Integrity Streams can have a negative impact on the performance because of the read-modify-write process and additional fragmentation of the data files. For these reasons NTFS is recommended as it does not require reconfiguration from the default settings for best results and thus is the simpler choice.

When formatting an NTFS volume which you want to grow later when you require more disk space, you have to choose the right NTFS cluster size in advance to meet the requirements for the maximum volume size. The NTFS default setting of 4kb will only support volumes up to 16TB. The NTFS documentation lists the right cluster size to choose for which volume size.

Do not enable deduplication, compression or encryption on the repository volume.

As the VB365 data is stored in a database file, any kind of dedup or compression has negative impact on the random I/O performance. For best performance these technologies should be disabled overall. If you consider using any of such technology, carefully check the repository limitations.

Keep 10% free working space per repository to avoid lock downs

Additional space for transaction protocols or database checkpoints is required per repository. There should always 10% free workspace per repository to compensate this.

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