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Configuration Maximums

This section covers the supported VB365 configuration maximums. Numbers might vary depending on deployments types and available resources. These values represent what’s currently supported also in light of acceptable performance. The values provided refer to any combination of Online and On-Premises environments that use Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams.

The tables in this section use the number of objects and their variations as a metric for estimations.

Object types and variations:

  • Mail (Primary, Archive, Shared, PublicFolder)
  • Sites (SharePoint incl. Subsites, Personal, Teams)
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Teams


A special remark is required on the object count for SharePoint Sites. As SharePoint offers a wide range of functionalities the implementations within the field are from a simple “hello world” website with a few MB of data to complex document management systems hosting TB’s of data. As we count one SharePoint site as an object for the sizing of the Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 infrastructure this doesn’t always represents the impact on the backup infrastructure. A SharePoint site with 250.000 documents within a document library takes more compute resources to process than a simple 50mb intranet site.

First of all we recommend you to respect the limits Microsoft is specifying for Microsoft Sharepoint and take special account to the “For optimum performance, we recommend storing no more than 300,000 files in a single OneDrive or team site library.” guideline. In addition we recommend to count every 5GB of SharePoint data as one Object for your sizing to reflect the impact of bigger SharePoint sites for the VB365 infrastructure.

These maximums are based on Veeam QA testing and the recommended maximums for the specified config.

Type Recommended Machine Config (8C/32GB) Minimum Machine Config (4C/8G)
Proxies per VB365 controller 50 10
Objects per proxy1(Refer) 20,000 2,000
Objects per VB365 installation1(Refer) 1,000,000 20,000
Objects per organization1(Refer) 400,000 20,000
Users per job 5,000 500
Users per proxy2(Only) 5,000 500
Users per VB365 installation 250,000 2,500
Users per organization 100,000 2,500

The maximums per component (proxy, repo, installation, organization) must be maintained at the same time (e.g. number per objects and number per users).

RAM allocation and number of Repository databases per Proxy

Type Value
Default JET database instance memory consumption on Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 repository 0.1% of host memory
Maximum JET database engine memory cache 16GB or 50% of host memory, whatever is lower
Recommended maximum number of JET databases per backup proxy 250
Max number of JET databases per backup proxy 750

Do not forget to have enough memory available for the VB365 server operation when running a lot of databases. This will require a minimum of 15% of the hosts memory not allocated to other processes.


  1. Refer to the Sizing to understand how to calculate objects  2 3

  2. Only valid if each user uses all services (Exchange, Archive, OneDrive, Personal SharePoint site). Otherwise refer to objects per proxy recommendation. 

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