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Policy Configuration

A policy handles snapshot, replica and backup scheduling for specific workloads. It is important not to make a policy cover too many workloads or too few in order to make scheduling and processing simple.

This section covers supported policy maximums. Numbers might vary depending on deployment types and available resources. These values represent what is currently supported, also in light of acceptable performance.

The tables in this section use the number of objects and their variations as a metric for estimations.

These values are based on Veeam QA testing and the recommended maximums per policy for the specified configuration.

VPC policies have no limit as there is only 1 policy covering regions via auto-discovery or those that are manually added to the policy

Instance size: T3.medium

Resource Maximum workloads Maximum workloads per policy
EC2 workloads 1000 250
RDS workloads 250 50
EFS workloads 250 50

Recommended maximum of AWS accounts: 100.

Instance size: C5.9xlarge

Resource Maximum workloads Maximum workloads per policy
EC2 workloads 10000 2500
RDS workloads 1000 250
EFS workloads 1000 100

Recommended maximum of AWS accounts: 300.

Maximizing Throughput

The amount of simultaneous workers that can process a policy is determined by the speed at which you can write to the backup repository. The amount of workers is limited only by the vCPU quota of the AWS backup account. Every backup or archive task in a policy will use a worker. This requires some consideration as you want to maximize policy processing throughput. For more details, refer to the workers page.

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