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Policy Configuration

A policy handles snapshot and backup scheduling for specific workloads. It is important not to make a policy cover too many workloads or too few in order to make scheduling and processing simple.

Numbers might vary depending on deployments types and available resources. These values represent what’s currently supported also in light of acceptable performance.

As we have default limits on the maximum parallel processing - 25 instances in parallel in one policy for 15 parallel policies running, it’s recommended to have several small policies instead of one big.

These values can however be modified if you notice that the resource usage of the appliance is fine.

NOTE: Changing the below values will require additional monitoring of the resource usage of the appliance and it may be required to increase the appliance size.

These values can be changed in the configuration file under /opt/veeam/gcpbackup/ServiceSettings.json.

  "JobProcess": {
    "MaxParallelJobProcesses": 15
  "Snapshot": {
    "MaxConcurrentSnapshots": 25
  "Backup": {
    "MaxConcurrentInstanceBackups": 25

These parameters mean the following:

  • MaxParallelJobProcesses: maximum quantity of parallel processing sessions (such as policies, restore instance sessions, FLR sessions, etc.)
  • MaxConcurrentSnapshots, MaxConcurrentInstanceBackups: maximum quantity of parallel processed VM or Cloud SQL instances in one policy

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