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Azure Files

The following are recommendations regarding Azure Files capabilities.

FLR recommendations

You can adjust several configuration settings to improve the restore process by adjusting the configuration file /etc/veeam/azurebackup/Config.ini.

These settings are optional and you can opt to change either one or both.


The default values are 25, but can be either raised or lowered. Raising can be especially useful for restoring files to the original location, as speeds of that can far exceed the speeds of restoring into a new location. However, it’s up to the user to find the right values that suit them.

There are also other factors which affect the speed of the restore operations, namely VBAz load (CPU and RAM usage), the quantity of the files (hence the concurrency change setting), and the size of restored files if they are restored to a new location, as that can trigger throttling from the side of Azure. Besides these there are always other Azure-side factors such as storage account limitations, etc. As such, if Azure-side throttling is hit, raising the concurrency limit will not alleviate the situation and it is recommended to contact Veeam or Microsoft support for insight and assistance.

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