Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a colaboration software which uses all services of Microsoft Office 365 within one Client.


The logical Teams architecture is shared over following services:

Data Source Data Storage(s)
Chat Exchange / Skype communications
Personal Chatfiles Personal OneDrive
Team-Chat SharePoint / O365 Groups / Exchange
Team-Chat-Files SharePoint (Folder per Team / Sub-Channel)
Calendar Exchange
Contacts Exchange
Wiki SharePoint


If you plan to backup MS Teams and want to create another copy of your backup-data (3-2-1 rule with Veeam Agent for Windows or Veeam Backup & Replication) please be aware that your backup of all services (Mail, SharePoint, OneDrive) should be scheduled close to each other.

For example:

  • Mail-Backup: 22:00
  • SharePoint-Backup: 23:00
  • OneDrive-Backup: 01:00
  • Agent-Backup: 00:00 The result would be that the Agent backup at midnight does not include the OneDrive backup.


Due to the complex and shared environment behind Microsoft Teams we need to combine our restore capabilites with existing Veeam Explorer for Mail/Sharepoint/Onedrive The data that is going to be restored is spread over the different Microsoft Office 365 services and can be found here:

Data to be restored Restore Path
Chat / Conversation History Veeam Explorer for Exchange -> Usermailbox -> Subfolder “Conversation History\Team Chat”
Chat-Files Veeam Explorer for Onedrive -> Useraccount -> “Microsoft Teams Chat Files”
Team Channel-Files Veeam Explorer for Sharepoint -> “Teams name” -> “Documents” -> “Channel”
Team Wiki Veeam Explorer for Sharepoint -> “Teams name” -> “Teams Wiki Data” -> “Channel”
Calender Veeam Explorer for Exchange -> “Usermailbox” -> Calender

Please be aware that all recoveries of objects (File, Wiki, OneNote) can not be recovered directly to Microsoft Teams today. A file can be directly restored in the associated SharePoint, but it won’t re-appear in MS Teams that way. The following describes the way how to restore to have objects available in Teams as expected:

  • File: Download file or folder from Veeam Explorer for SharePoint / OneDrive -> Upload them to Microsoft Teams with the Microsoft Teams Client or Web-Application.
  • Wiki: Open *.mht-File with Veeam Explorer for SharePoint -> Copy&Paste text to new Wiki in Microsoft Teams.
  • OneNote: Download the OneNote-file from Veeam Explorer for SharePoint -> Upload file to Microsoft Teams with the Microsoft Teams Client or Web-Application.