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Note: Although still relevant, the VSE tool described in this section will be taken down in the not-too-distant future in favor of the new VSE tool.

VSE Guide

The Veeam Size Estimator (VSE) is a tool that is designed and maintained by the EMEA Veeam Solutions Architects; however, it is not an official Veeam tool. Please, ensure that you double check your workings against you own calculations or discuss the design with a Veeam SE or SA.

The VSE is available at and provides the following:

  • Estimated storage capacity requirements
  • Estimated compute requirements for:
    • Veeam Backup & Replication server
    • Proxies
    • Repositories
  • Cloud Tier capacity and transaction estimations
    • Both copy and move operations

The tools also allows for the export of the resulting estimation to Excel or PDF.

NOTE: The VSE runs completely in the browser, no data is transmitted other than standard Google analytics.

All calculations that the VSE uses are shown in the Veeam Best Practice guide; the VSE provides a convenient method of applying the calculations.


Videos on the basic and advanced functionality can be found here:

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