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Veeam Tape Server


The diagram below illustrates the main components and processes within the backup infrastructure when tape support is implemented in Veeam Backup & Replication for:

The Repository and Tape server roles can be combined in a single-server scenario, as repository resource requirements are usually higher than tape server resource requirements. With multiple repository servers, the network bandwidth between repository and tape server needs to be taken into account.

This does not include Veeam File-To-Tape jobs nor NDMP backups, which are just a special type of File-2-Tape.


Files-to-tape backups allow for files and NDMP backups to be sent directly to a tape or tape library.

There are several key limitations of Files-to-tape (F2T) jobs that should be considered:

  • NDMP backups to tape are limited to 10 restore points before a full backup is required.
  • NDMP only supports whole volume backup

Please see the Helpcenter for more information.

Tape Server Sizing

For the highest throughput, enabling parallel processing for the Backup to Tape is recommended. Size the servers and storage connections accordingly to be able to handle the expected throughput. It can help create multiple partitions with 2-4 tape drives and add these partitions to different tape servers. Adding these libraries to the media pool and enabling parallel processing will distribute the load across multiple drives and tape servers.

Perform a POC to test throughput of tape and disk. If you have no opportunity to test speed, assume that the backup speed to tape jobs with LTO8/9 is 260/300MB/s as a conservative estimate (uncompressed at the tape level). We highly recommend doing a POC to evaluate real throughput to avoid additional hardware costs.

It should be noted that tape drives have minimum a throughput, for example LTO8’s minimum is 115MB/s. Below this value the tape motion is stopped.

Consider 8 cores and 32 GB RAM as smallest hardware for a tape server. Also ensure enough bandwidth between repository servers to tape server and from tape server to the tape library. In addition to this, the System Requirements have more details.


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