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NAS repositories

Network Attached Storage repositories means SMB and NFS repositories.

SMB Share

When using a SMB share as target please check the following points

  • SMB 3.x.x must be fully supported by the storage vendor or Windows Server (recommended Windows Server 2016+).
  • To improve performance and reduce the latency impact, use one of the RDMA features Windows Server provides with SMB direct (RoCE or iWarp).
  • A 10Gibt/s network interface can be saturated with modern CPUs. If the repository is able to write faster, consider 40Gbit/s connections between source and repository.
  • Try to avoid too many routing hops between source and Veeam Repository, as this will add latency and reduce your performance.
  • When an application writes data to an SMB share using WinAPI, it receives success for this I/O operation prematurely — right after the corresponding data gets put into the Microsoft SMB client’s sending queue. If subsequently the connection to a share gets lost, the queue will remain in the memory and SMB client will wait for the share to become available to try and finish writing the cached data. However, if a connection to the share does not restore in a timely manner, the content of the queue will be lost forever, resulting in data loss.


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