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File proxy

Data processing throughput of the file (general purpose) backup proxies depends on the available compute (CPU and RAM) resources. The possible data processing performance numbers (according to the internal testing) for the file backup proxies in different hardware configurations are provided in the table below.

Configuration Target Number of tasks Throughput
Virtual Windows proxy
12 vCPU, 16 GB RAM
Block storage 4 1200 MB/s
Virtual Windows proxy
12 vCPU, 20 GB RAM
Object storage 4 1100 MB/s
Physical Windows proxy with 50 Gbps network connection
2x24 Intel Xeon Gold CPU, 96 GB RAM
Block storage 22 6200 MB/s

Note: The throughput observed in the production environment may vary due to the impact of other parts of the infrastructure. It is recommended to consult a trusted Veeam technical advisor for a correct infrastructure assessment and sizing of the solution components.


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