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Direct-Attached Storage (DAS)

This is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to use storage. It can be used as single system or grouped together in a Scale-out Backup Repository. DAS is a normal industry standard x64 server with a bunch of disks attached to it.

  • It is recommended to use a performant RAID controller with battery cache. Be aware the RAID overhead when designing a DAS solution. Typically RAID 6/60 (depends on the amount of disks) is the best solution from a price/performance /reliability perspective.
  • Since a DAS storage can be fully dedicated to backup operations, this type of repository is considered to offer a good balance between “performance” and “cost” factors.
  • For scalability you can scale vertical (more disks in an enclosure or additional) and horizontal (more servers, e.g. if the network throughput is reached -the SAS channels are saturated- more IOPS are needed for restore reasons)

Note: When using Windows based REFS repositories: only use certified RAID controllers from the Windows Server Catalog

Pros Cons
cost efficiency RAID Controller is a single point of failure
High performance  

Storage Area Network (SAN) Storage

SAN storage has same advantages as DAS plus more features like high-availability of storage controllers or volume sizes that can be increased online.

Tip: You can configure multiple backup repositories on one SAN storage system to increase throughput.

Pros Cons
Reliability Complexity
Performance Costs
Technical capabilities  


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