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Hyper-V Proxy

Limiting the impact of On-Host backup mode on the production infrastructure

While consuming production resources for backup purpose the On-Host backup mode disadvantages can be mitigated by the following guidelines.

  • Spreading load across hypervisors. It should be kept in mind that the backup load, instead of being carried by a limited number of dedicated proxies, will be spread through all the hypervisors. Default Veeam setting is to limit backup to 4 parallel tasks per hypervisor, which will use a maximum of four cores and 8 GB of RAM. This can be modified in the “Managed server” section of the Veeam Console, through the “Task limit” setting. For instance, if the sizing guidelines results in a total amount of 24 cores and 48 GB of RAM needed for Veeam transport services, and the infrastructure comprises 12 Hyper-V servers, each server task limit can be set to 2.

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