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Repository Settings

To optimize Veeam backups on the ExaGrid Site, it’s essential to establish a dedicated share and repository for each ExaGrid appliance. This configuration enables Veeam to fully leverage all available resources on the ExaGrid Site.

When setting up a repository for optimal backup results to an ExaGrid Share, consider the following configuration:

  • One share and one repository for each ExaGrid appliance in the ExaGrid Site
  • For ExaGrid Version 6.2 and later, and Veeam Version 12 and later, enable Use fast cloning on XFS volumes
  • Limit maximum concurrent tasks setting of 10
  • Select advanced settings as on the screenshot:

    storage compatibility settings

SOBR Settings

Once a Veeam repository has been created for each ExaGrid Share on each ExaGrid appliance, the repositories should be combined into a single SOBR repository. By employing this approach, backup data is automatically directed to various ExaGrid Shares, determined by their available space.

It’s recommended to use the default settings when creating a SOBR for the best outcomes while backing up to an ExaGrid Share:

  • Enable Use per-VM backup files
  • Use the Data locality policy

Backup Jobs Settings

It’s adviced to follow general recommendations on job limits and the proxies required to achieve multiple concurrent backup streams to the ExaGrid appliances.

High-level descriptions of the suggested settings for creating Veeam/ExaGrid backup jobs:

Retention settings

  • If more than 14 points or days are needed, consider using a Grandfather-Father-Son (GFS) policy.

Advanced settings

Backup tab

Use configuration settings that are suggested in user guide

Maintenance tab

  • Enable Perform backup files health check for some regular interval.
    The periodic health check will not impact backup, restore, or deduplication performance.
  • Disable Full backup file maintenance

Storage tab

  • Enable inline data deduplication.
  • Set Compression level to Dedupe-friendly
  • Set Storage optimization: 1MB
  • Disable Encryption

Converting non-SOBR Configuration to SOBR

Veeam repositories can be easily combined into a single Veeam SOBR. However, having a Veeam SOBR that contains multiple extents (repositories) from the same ExaGrid appliance can lead to a behaviour when more free backup capacity reported than actually exists.

It’s recommended to consult with ExaGrid customer support engineer to develop a plan to move from a non-SOBR configuration to a SOBR configuration.


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