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HPE StoreOnce

Backup performance

While backup performance for single stream is roughly 30% faster with source side deduplication disabled (“High Bandwidth” mode), it’s still recommended to keep it enabled as it’s possible to achieve a high throughput by concurrently process more than 10 streams (eg. more than 10 VMs).

To get the best level of performance, it’s also best to have multiple proxy/gateway servers in order to distribute the load and avoid saturating the maximum number of connections allowed from a single host. The Veeam Proxies chosen for the backup jobs should also act as Veeam Gateways: if the two services run on different servers, the backup data will not go straight to StoreOnce via Catalyst, and the extra hop in network will cause the data stream not to be deduplicated.

It’s been observed on multiple, specific environments where the primary storage is fast enough, that Active Fulls perform faster than Synthetic Fulls, regardless of the Catalyst bandwidth modes, with up to double the performance. Synthetic Full backups are still recommended for the majority of general cases anyway, as they will reduce the load on the infrastructure and will likely require less time to complete.

Considerations on the maximum number of parallel connections

Each StoreOnce model has a maximum number of opened files that applies to the whole appliance, so please check HPE documentation and keep this into account when doing multiple activities that may engage more than 128 concurrent operations. This affects especially synthetic operations, where VBR has to open multiple files for each merge.

Catalyst over FC vs Ethernet single stream performance

It’s been verified that single stream backups on Catalyst over FC are slower than Ethernet, by approximately 30/40%. While during backup operation it’s not an issue as you can have multiple streams to have the optimal level of performance, this affects negatively mount-based restores - FLR, SQL, Exchange, Oracle, etc - that are limited to a single stream performance.


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