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IBM Lotus Domino restores:

Restore is an integral part of IBM Lotus Domino protection. Veeam offers the following options to restore IBM Lotus Domino Server:

  1. Instant Server Restore – Instant VM Recovery
  2. Instant Individual Emails Restore

Instant Server Restore – Instant VM Recovery:

In case of complete server failure, you can use Veeam Instant VM Recovery to bring back the Domino server in less than 15 minutes.

Instant Individual Emails Restore:

In order to recover the individual emails, please follow the steps below:

  1. Install a Notes Client (user should have full access to production database)
  2. Start File Level Restore (FLR)
  3. Access NSF files under the C:\VeeamFLR path and subfolders (all Domino server disks are mounted on this path)
  4. Select the emails and copy back to production mailbox
  5. If DAOS enabled on the Domino Server, you can search the missing file and restore using Veeam File Level Restore


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