Infrastructure Overview

When we’ve defined all the input numbers needed for the sizing calculations, we need to have a look on your infrastructure estate. Following the 3-2-1 rule it’s a best practice to store several copies of your data at multiple locations on different media types.

Making Backups or Replicas of machines will generate traffic flows within your infrastructure. As it’s a best practice to store these copies on different physical locations, connectivity between these locations is affected within this process.

Before you start planning the locations to store the backup data you need to get a proper overview of the topology of your infrastructure. You need to know the type of connectivity and the amount of bandwidth available between locations.

Where you need to store a copy of the data can also be a business decision. Some organisations like to store a copy of all data within a specific region or location. Sometimes it’s even needed by law or segment regulations.

At the end, you need to gain insight into the planned data-flow within you infrastructure and the locations where storage capacity is required. With this planning in mind, the inventoried amount of data, the change-rates and the backup window you can determine the bandwidth needs between locations. A simple bandwidth calculator can help you with that.