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VCSP Best Practices

Welcome to the VCSP Best Practices guide.

This guide is intended to provide best practices on the different Veeam-powered services for our Cloud & Service Providers. It is not meant as a full documentation or detailed explanation of the features. Please refer to the Veeam Help Center for this kind of documents.

The best practice guide is intended for professionals in search of answers and suggestions to different topics such as:

  • start a new Veeam-powered service
  • a service (re)design
  • how to onboard clients to my platform
  • different migration scenarios
  • pitfalls to avoid

In general, this information has been developed, collected and updated by the team of Veeam Cloud Solutions Architects working in the field together with Veeam partners.

Be aware that a best practice is not the only available answer. It will fit in the majority of cases but can also be totally wrong under different circumstances. Make sure you understand the implications of the advised best practices or ask someone who does.

If in doubt, reach out to Veeam professionals in our forums.

How to use this guide

IF you are an old-time reader of VBR BP Guide, you may have noticed that the layout is similar. The idea is to resemble the 6 Veeam-powered services, also called use cases, with each having a complete overview that consists of:

  • a service description to understand what the service is about
  • a high-level design
  • the value proposition to the service provider and the customer
  • the Veeam solutions used
  • licensing and pricing.

Deep into the use case, we have created sections to design, build and operate the service:

1-Design: you have decided to start offering start building a use case, you start by designing the solution, by involving all the needed Veeam components, each with their characteristics, strengths and limits, and you will also learn how to properly size them, with security always in mind;

2-Build: once the service has been designed, it is time to build it. An architect can build it himself, or pass the instructions to other teams to proceed with the deployment. Here, you will see a deployment guide and tricks like configuration options, registry keys, hints and so on;

3-Operate: when the service is ready, it is time for clients to consume it! Here you will find topics for day 2 operations such as protecting the service, scaling the database, checking log files, migrating components and more.

At the moment only MSP use case is populated with related best practices, however we are planning to fill others in next few months. Stay tuned.

We hope you will find the information collected here useful. Thanks!

The Veeam Cloud Solutions Architect Team

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