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Database protection


Each of the service administration tools, VCC and VSPC, store all of their configuration data in a MSSQL database which makes it the main component to protect.
To do so, there are multiple options such as:

  • (VCC-only) Use the built-in configuration backup and restore utility.
    • Create encrypted backups so that all the passwords of each of the tenants (as well as all managed servers under the backup infrastructure) are backed up as well.
    • Make sure to store the configuration backup on a remote location or use a File Copy Job to copy the local backup to a remote location.
  • Backup the entire server where the MSSQL Server is running and the database files are stored using Veeam Backup & Replication and/or Veeam Agent for Windows.
  • Backup only the database using MSSQL maintenance plans.
    Do not forget to store them on a secure location or use a File Copy Job to copy them off to a Veeam Backup Repository.

    SQL Maintenance Plan

    The result is a SQL backup (BAK) stored on the filesystem:

    SQL backup files


With these backups, administrators can restore the entire application server or just the database:

  • (VCC-only) Use the built-in configuration backup and restore utility to restore the database to the original SQL server or migrate it to a new one.
  • Using Veeam Backup & Replication and the Veeam Explorer for MSSQL Server, the following options are available:
    • Instant database recovery to bring the database online as quickly as possible and do restore in the background.
    • Database file recovery to restore a single database to the latest point or a point-in-time state.
    • Data export in case you want to migrate the database from backup to another MSSQL Server.
  • Using MSSQL backup files (BAK):

    1. Go to SQL Management Studio and right-click on Databases -> Restore Database.

      SQL restore database

    2. Browse for the database backup path and click OK to restore.

      SQL restore database

    3. Once restored, right-click again on the database -> properties and go to the Files page. Check if the database Owner is correct and corresponds to the service account used for the application service.

      SQL restore database

    IMPORTANT: Do not forget to set up a new maintenance plan or check the existing one to keep creating backups of the application database!

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