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In this section we will discuss some design concepts, providing you with the information you need to choose which type of Off-site Backup you may want to develop.

When planning an Off-site Backup solution, the main choice is whether to offer the service as Managed or Unmanaged.

Unmanaged backup

In this implementation, a BaaS solution can be exposed as a simple storage space available to end users for consumption. There is no interaction with the end user aside from the initial setup of the tenant’s storage space, and the service provider only operates and guarantees the availability of the service infrastructure. Eventual errors and problems at the tenant side (backup software issues, network failures, backup job failures) will not be seen by the service provider. Monitoring of the tenant side will be a duty of the tenant itself, or a 3rd party on their behalf.

Unmanaged backup

For this scenario, the involved Veeam solutions are:

From the licensing perspective, customers will need to get the required licenses themselves for each of the Veeam solutions they intend to use. These can be requested at the Service Provider offering the service or any Veeam reseller.

Resources for unmanaged backup Design

To properly design an unmanaged solution, we suggest to carefully read the following resources:

Managed Backup

From an architectural point of view, a Managed and Unmanaged solution are similar. The big difference from a business and operational point of view is:

Managed backup

Comparing the two diagrams, the difference is the Management and monitoring traffic line. Veeam Service Provider Console now becomes a mandatory component. It not only exposes storage quota to tenants, but also controls the remote Veeam solutions installed at at the customers. The remote installations can be monitored, reconfigured, and licensed from a single web interface.

For this scenario, the involved Veeam solutions are:

From the licensing perspective, the Service Provider rents the required licenses for the Veeam solutions to the customers and charges them for their usage with a recurring fee.


An important concept of a managed solution is that end users can be managed directly by the Service Provider or by Resellers. Resellers can create and manage end users themselves via the VSPC in the same way as the Service Provider would, but without having access to the underlaying infrastructure.

Managed backup

Resources for managed backup design

To properly design a managed solution, please check out the following resources:

For the Infrastructure:

For planning the MSP Use case:

Veeam Service Provider Console resources:

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