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This guide is based on use cases and not directly linked to a specific build or version of a related product.

The latest update was built based on:

  • Veeam Service Provider Console v6.0.0.8787
  • Veeam Backup and Replication v11.0.1.1261
  • Veeam Cloud Connect v11.0.1.1261

Last Update: 14 June 2022

All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Important! Please read the End User Software License Agreement before using the accompanying software program(s). Using any part of the software indicates that you accept the terms of the End User Software License Agreement.

All credits to the authors of this version of Veeam Cloud Best Practice Guide:

  • Artem Philippov
  • Irina Lentsner
  • Luca Dell’Oca
  • Maxim Arkhangelskiy
  • Pieter Vereecken


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