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It is always key to plan for disaster and protect the service. Depending on the deployment location, all VB365 components (except for object storage itself) can be protected by image-level backup.

  • On-premises: by Veeam Backup & Replication or Veeam Agents.
  • Public Cloud: by Veeam Backup for AWS/Azure/Google or Veeam Agents.

Some important considerations are:

  1. Restoring an entire proxy/repo server with local JetDBs.
    • If the JetDBs are located on the local physical volume, it means that upon a complete restore, all of those JetDBs will be restored to the point-in-time of your choice. In case of a multi-tenant deployment, it impacts all customers’ backups hosted on this proxy/repo.
    • if the JetDBs are located on a remote volume (e.g. iSCSI), it means that upon a complete restore, only the OS will be restored and all JetDBs will stay intact. However after restoring, you have to resync all the backup repositories that were involved.
  2. Restoring an entire proxy/repo with Object Storage repositories.
    • Object Storage repositories use JetDBs as cache repositories only. Therefor upon a complete restore all the actual backup data remains untouched in the object storage. However the cache repository will need to be resynced.

For more on 3-2-1, check the general VB365 BP guide page.

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