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VMware Cloud Director (VCD) Plug-in

General information

Veeam Plug-in for VMware Cloud Director lets users of VCD organizations access the Veeam Self-Service Backup Portal from within the native VCD UI to provide a seamless customer experience.

The following deployments are supported:

  1. 1x VBEM with 1x VBR. VBR connects to multiple VCD environments.
  2. 1x VBEM with multiple VBR servers connected. Each VBR server connects to one or multiple VCD environments.
  3. Multi-site VCD with each site having 1x VBEM and 1x VBR. Each VBR only connects to the site-local VCD environment.

When multiple VBR servers are connected to one VBEM, a single VCD environment must only be connected to one VBR server.


When VCD users login using the Veeam Self-service Portal, they can user their VCD credentials. However, if MFA is enabled, the login attempt will fail as this is not supported. When VCD users login directly on VCD and use the Veeam VCD Plug-in, all VCD authentication methods are supported. This is because VCD completely handles the authentication and the Veeam VCD Plug-in uses the existing session to authenticate to Veeam instead of the user’s credentials.

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