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Design blueprint for Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 (VB365)

Even when it is technically possible to create All-in-one (Single-Server) installations, it is not the best practice for a production deployment. All-in-one installations should only be used during a Proof of Concept (POC).

A minimal deployment should always exist out of at least 2 servers:

  • 1x management and configuration server
  • 1x proxy/repository server to process and store backup data

Why? Scalability. At any point in time, extra proxy/repository servers can be added without having to change anything else to the initial deployment.

In contrast to other Veeam solutions, VB365 Proxy Servers and Backup Repositories are directly coupled within a One-to-Many relationship. A Repository can be only connected to one Proxy, but a Proxy can be connected to multiple Repositories.

This design is the blueprint for all the scenarios that we will discuss:

  • Scenario 1: Multi-tenant deployment
    • a single infrastructure that hosts multiple tenants and its organizations.
  • Scenario 2: Pod deployment
    • one dedicated infrastructure per client that can be deployed either on-premises at the client or at the service provider’s data center.

The firewall icon describes the boundary between the internal network (LAN) and the public internet (WAN).

VB365 architecture

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