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VB365 RESTful API / Self-service Portal Server (SSP)

The RESTful API service and the Self-service Portal are tightly coupled as they are within one and the same service. Therefore you cannot separate them onto different machines.

Deploy the RESTful API service (and SSP) onto a dedicated machine instead of on the VB365 Server:

  • to offload all the API requests.
  • decrease the load on the VB365 Server.
  • increase the performance of the service.

    This way, other solutions (e.g. billing and reporting) can be pointed to talk directly and only to the API server, increasing security as unused ports can be closed on either server.


  VB365 API/Portal  
OS Windows Server 2019  
CPU 8 Cores Minimum. Additional CPU improves backup, restore and search performance.
RAM 16 GB Minimum. Additional RAM improves backup, restore and search performance.
Disk 50 GB OS + 500 MB for production installation + additional free space for the configuration database and logs.

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