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Tenant Backup Copy

VMware Cloud Director (VCD) item level restore

Using the Self-service Portal, only primary backup jobs can be created. At this moment there are not other job types available via the web interface (backup copy, replication and others).

Workarounds for backup copies are:

  1. Leverage Object Storage tiering.
    a. In a Scale-out Backup Repository, put the Performance Tier in site A and put the Capacity Tier (Object Storage) in site B. This way any tenant backup that lands on disk, is automatically copied to the Object Storage as well resulting in two copies.

    b. Multiple repository classes can be exposed to a tenant: one with and one without tiering. Then tenant can then decide himself which VMs need only 1 copy or 2 copies, point the backup job towards the required repository and meet the required data protection policy.

    c. In addition to this, immutability can be enabled on the Object Storage tier offering an additional option to tenants.


  2. Without Object Storage.
    The Service Provider can manually create backup copy jobs to provide extra local or cross-site copies. Such copies will invisible to the tenant and restores will have to be requested via the SP’s service desk.

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