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Job configuration

  • Create separate jobs per client (when multi-tenant) based on the application type (Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint/Teams). This provides the following advantages:
    • Each job can point to a dedicated backup repository to achieve the desired RPO and retention policy. Each application type can grow differently.
    • Each job can run at its own schedule depending on the RPO agreed with the client.
    • Each application type can be even further split into multiple jobs depending on the object types (e.g. Users, Groups etc.), RPO and schedule (e.g. Backup all Mail from HR every 4 hours and keep for 7 years).
  • Backup maximum 4000 users in a single job.
  • For large environments it is advised to increase the retry fail in the job configuration at least to 20 minutes or more.
  • If the SLA allows, run backup jobs outside of work hours to reduce impact on M365 throttling.
  • [Teams] Backup Teams data to the same repository as the Teams SharePoint sites in order to save repository space and processing time.

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