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Veeam Explorers

By default, all Veeam Explorers are installed on the same machine where VB365 Server is installed. This means that every person who needs to initiate a restore via an explorer, has to logon directly to the management server and be administrator on that machine. This creates a security risk, especially when this is a shared environment.

To avoid that administrators directly (remote) logon to the VB365 server, the Veeam Explorers can be deployed on a dedicated machine or on the existing jump-/bastion host that is already used to connect to other applications:

  • Veeam Explorers can only be individually installed on a server running Veeam Backup & Replication: User Guide
  • Open a Veeam Explorer and go to Home -> Add Store -> Add Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 server* on the ribbon: User Guide
  • To connect to the VB365 server using any Veeam Explorer, port TCP/9194 must be open.


  Veeam Explorers  
OS Windows Server 2019  
CPU 1 Core Minimum. Additional CPU improves backup, restore and search performance.
RAM 4 GB Minimum. Additional RAM improves backup, restore and search performance.
Disk 50 GB OS + 500 MB for production installation + additional free space for the configuration database and logs.

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