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SaaS data protection

Service description

A Service Provider can build a Veeam-powered service to provide SaaS data protection to his customers allowing them to focus 100% on their business.

Microsoft provides powerful services within Microsoft 365, however backup is not one of them. Help your customers understand that as per the Shared Responsibility Model, Microsoft’s primary responsibility is focused on their global infrastructure while it is the customer’s responsibility to implement data protection for their Microsoft 365 data.

Customers who don’t backup their Microsoft 365 data are at risk of losing access and control over their most critical processes due to:

  • accidental deletion of internal user or shared user groups
  • internal and external security threats
  • retention policy gap confusion

Additionaly the service can include, but is not limited to:

  • Protect Microsoft 365 Exchange Online.
  • Protect Microsoft 365 OneDrive for Business.
  • Protect Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online.
  • Protect Microsoft 365 Teams.
  • Store backup data on-premises at one of the customer’s locations.
  • Store backup data at the service provider in a location within the same country or region as the customer to comply with local laws.
  • Store backup data in object storage such as AWS S3, Azure Blob, IBM Cloud and S3-compatible providers provided by the customer or service provider.
  • Data recovery of Microsoft 365 items such as emails, documents, sites, channels and more.
  • Perform eDiscovery on Microsoft 365 mailboxes, emails, files, sites or teams and meet compliance.
  • Fully managed service for data protection and restores.
  • Self-service Restore allowing users to explore and restore backup data from Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business.

High-level diagram

SaaS data protection use case

Value proposition

Service Provider main benefits:

  • No upfront costs. Pay only for the licenses consumed by the customer.
  • Recurring revenue. The opportunity to create new recurring revenue streams.
  • Expansion. Expand Backup-as-a-Service with Microsoft 365 data protection.
  • Automation. Advanced capabilities via PowerShell and RESTful API. (E.g. Create your own web-based self-service portal or integrate the solution in your existing customer portal, and more.)
  • Restore portal. Protect from data leaking and allow only restore operators to restore customer data without having access to the content itself.

Customer main benefits:

  • Business focus. Focus 100% on business needs.
  • Cloud expertise. Benefit from the service provider’s expertise.
  • Meet compliance. Meet legal and compliance requirements with efficient eDiscovery.
  • Self-service restore portal Allow the customer’s end-users or IT administrators to do restores by themselves.

Veeam Solutions

The service is built with the help of the following Veeam solutions:

* NOTE: Veeam Backup for Microsoft O365 can be either installed at the service provider or at the customer depending on the use case.

Licensing and pricing

Veeam offers the following:

  • Pay-as-you-grow pricing plans that offer consumption-based licensing
  • Automatic license update capabilities to maintain license distribution
  • Purpose-built products and partner portals to facilitate monthly usage reporting

Please check our Veeam Rental Licensing and Usage Reporting Reference Guide for more details.

Service Providers can charge for the Veeam-powered service in different manners.
Options can include, but are not limited to:

  • Per user protected, in- or excluding:
    • backup storage
    • management
    • support
    • monitoring
    • reporting
  • Total storage consumed (e.g. per GB/TB).
  • Customer access to the Self-service Restore Portal.

Want to know more?

Enroll in our VMXP training course to learn more about the SaaS data protection use case.

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