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Public Cloud data protection

Service description

A Service Provider can build a Veeam-powered service to provide Public Cloud data protection to his customers allowing them to focus 100% on their business. Perhaps the customer is building a new infrastructure in one or more hyperscaler’s public clouds, migrating existing on-premises workloads or just exploring options. As per the Shared Responsibility Model, backing up these workloads is the customer’s responsibility since he owns the data. The service provider provides the expertise to save the customers time, resources, meet legal and compliance requirements and more value-added services.

Additionaly the service can include, but is not limited to:

  • Reliable agentless backup and recovery for production workloads in AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Reliable agent-based backup and recovery for production workloads in any Public Cloud infrastructure.
  • Leverage storage tiering for cost-effective long-term retention.
  • Fast, flexible recovery for entire VMs, volumes, files, folders, databases and more.
  • Centralized remote monitoring and management across clouds.
  • Migration services from on-premises to public cloud.
  • Migration services between hyperscaler clouds.
  • Migration services from public cloud to on-premises.
  • Externalize backups outside of the public cloud.

High-level diagram

Public Cloud data protection use case

Value proposition

Service Provider main benefits:

  • No upfront costs. Pay only for the licenses consumed by the customer.
  • Cloud-native. Agentless backup and recovery built for the public cloud.
  • Cost calculation. Forcast spend and avoid unexpected expenses.
  • Expand services. Start with offering only local backups. Expand into Off-site Backup, fully managed MSP and other services.
  • Automation. Fully manage and automate the solution via RESTful API.

Customer main benefits:

  • Business focus. Focus 100% on business needs and let the service provider take care of the rest.
  • Data portability. Easily move data across any supported environment for migration, DR or compliance purposes.
  • Ransomware protection. Isolate backups from production to secure against ransomware and cyberthreats by leveraging cross-account/region backup.

Veeam Solutions

The service is built with the help of the following Veeam solutions:

* NOTE: Veeam Backup for AWS, Azure and GCP can either be installed in the service provider subscription or customer subscription depending on the use case.

Licensing and pricing

Veeam offers the following:

  • Pay-as-you-grow pricing plans that offer consumption-based licensing
  • Automatic license update capabilities to maintain license distribution
  • Purpose-built products and partner portals to facilitate monthly usage reporting

Please check our Veeam Rental Licensing and Usage Reporting Reference Guide for more details.

Service Providers can charge for the Veeam-powered service in different manners. Options can include, but are not limited to:

  • Per machine protected, in- or excluding:
    • snapshot storage
    • short-term backup storage
    • long-term backup storage
    • API calls
    • management
    • support
    • monitoring
    • reporting
  • Total storage consumed (e.g. per GB/TB)
  • Per dedicated customer backup account containing the solution(s) and its entire usage such as:
    • management components
    • backup storage
    • storage API calls
    • storage tiers
    • bandwidth
    • management of the solution

Want to know more?

Enroll in our VMXP training course to learn more about the Public Cloud data protection use case.

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